Flat-bottom Paper Bags

Flat bottom bags made of paper for stable food packaging

Our flat bottom bags made of paper are designed to preserve the environment and to pack food absolutely hygienically. The foldable floor gives the paper bag a stable level during filling and facilitates the fast handling in the daily business.

Quality and use of the flat bottom bags made of paper

The material of our paper bags is made of brown natron kraft paper. This powerful material prevents a fast soaking of the packaging, even if moist goods are transported in it. In particular, food is given an optimal cover by the cross-bottom bags, because kraft paper is food-safe and neutral in smell and taste.
However, not only food benefits from the hard-wearing paper bags. They are also suitable for all piece goods, which are to be packaged time-savingly according to customer requirements.
For advertisements or other placard illustrations we offer you the possibility of an imprint, which we make according to your wishes.

Flat bottom bags made of paper and their advantages

Protecting the environment is our concern. Therefore, recycled paper paper bags are made of recycled kraft paper, which also originates from renewable raw materials.
Other benefits include:

-Quick filling, thanks to a secure floor stand
-Hygienic packaging, by food-safe material
-Durable bag, by the use of kraft paper
-Environmental friendliness, by reintroduction into the recycling system

In our online shop, we carry various flat bottom bags made of paper, which can be adapted to your needs.
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