Fruit and Berry Punnets

Wood Pulp Berry Punnets for a Sustainable Sales Presence

Our wood pulp fruit bowls are the ideal package when it comes to delicate food such as berries or other fruit. The punnets are made of a special material which ensures optimal sales attraction and an appetizing look.

Characteristics and uses of soft wood pulp fruit bowls

As the name suggests, the material our berry punnets is made out of is a wood fiber product, produced through a wood grinding process. The material thus obtained is similar in substance to cardboard.

Wood pulp is therefore a natural product made from renewable resources which helps protect the environment.

You can request your berry punnets in your favorite colour or even with a customized print job that boldly enhances your brand recognition.

Benefits of wood pulp fruit bowls

Environmentally friendly wood pulp fruit bowls are distinguished for their absorbency and breathability. Water condensate is absorbed and even the fruits lying below are supplied with sufficient oxygen. This ensures that delicate fruit, vegetables and berries remain fresh and tasty for a particularly long length of time.

Additional benefits include:

-Environmentally conscious sustainability through natural, renewable raw material

-Appetizing, strong sales presence with its open-shell shape

-Robust transport protection for fruit and vegetables

-Flexible and environmentally sound disposal options

In our online Shop you will find sustainable wood pulp berry punnets which will positively affect your sales presence and our environment.

Contact us with any questions you may have!

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